Sentri II Acoustical Recognition System
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Sound & Optics Systems has developed a unique security platform that provides integrated real-time solutions for a variety of criminal and threat challenges. The Sentri II system is a neural stimuli blended technology product that is able to "hear" a sound, recognize it, and focus a camera on the sound source in less than a second. Within seconds, a command center or local patrol vehicle is able view the incident in progress, as well as zoom in on possible suspects or other activity.

This unique leading edge sound recognition logic combined with a camera and other optional detection devices, such as seismic or vapor sensors, creates an intelligent remote surveillance system that will increase patrol effectiveness, decrease patrol unit risks upon scene arrival while also providing prosecution evidence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any weather or location.

Potential Applications
The Sentri II system can provide significant benefits to many potential application areas such as the following:

Law Enforcement

First Responders

Border Patrol

Sea Port

Parking Facilities

Educational Facilities

Private Security

Forest Service

For each of these application areas, the Sentri II system:

Provides real-time, pre-determined threat recognition for specified enforcement and/or protection areas

Extends capacity of current force by providing 'on-site' monitoring, reporting and recording of designated events such as gunshot or seismic occurrence

Enhances responder effectiveness by providing on-going real-time on-scene information

Serves as key witness with 'photographic memory' of criminal events and suspects

Product Description
Sentri II Uses & Benefits

The basic Sentri II System is an enclosed weatherproof platform that contains acoustical recognition detection capabilities, a high performance security camera, wired or wireless communications, an alert system, operating software and other optional equipment. When a pre-determined sound (e.g. gunshot) is recognized, the camera automatically moves/zooms to the sound source. It then sends an alert, other pertinent information and video images to the command center or control room while capturing and displaying information about the incident in real-time.

This provides law enforcement or other personnel critical and timely information, assisting them in making rapid decisions and enabling them to quickly deploy additional officers and activate public safety protocols.

Sentri II units can be mounted, in networked groups or as single units, to existing light or telephone poles in a problem locations such as a high-incident neighborhood, boat docks and piers, potential drug trafficking and border crossing trails or singly in targeted areas such as warehouses, research labs and high-traffic train crossings. The units are easily moved from one location to another.

Key Product Features

Acoustical sound recognition module

Video directional control system using a hi-density pan-tilt-zoom color camera

Standard directional microphone array built into system

Sound recognition criteria and system updates via remote upload

Wired or wireless communication transmission capabilities

Power input, audio input, auxiliary output

Transmission and receiver units with both RS-232 and Ethernet connectors available

Weather resistant, light-weight housing; bullet resistant enclosure optional

GPS location and event mapping system

Internal sensor and detection diagnostics, remote monitoring capability

Activation alert light with remote On/Off control

Emergency back-up power sufficient to complete power-down sequence

Easy installation, flexible deployment/relocation options

The following optional equipment is available for your needs:
• GPS Technology
• Bullet Resistant Case
• Backup Digital Recorder
• LED Activation Warning System with remote control
• Extended Battery Backup - UPS
• Solar Power Panel
• Heater
• Air Cooler
• Vapor Sensor Technology
• Pressure Sensor Technology
• Custom Wireless, satellite and landed communications
• Remote diagnostic services
• Bio-metric software

Technical Specifications

Housing Construction

Aluminum case, welded and sealed, 1/8 in stock. Top door access.

Operating Conditions

-50° to 175°F (-20° to 80°C). Internal temperature control system


24" x 18" x 11" (triangular), 35 lb

Input Voltage

120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 A

Signal I/O

Industrial Ethernet, RJ45 Connectors, wireless (customer frequency specifications) or hard wired

Signal format

Compressed mpeg format up to 25 (PAL)/30 (NTSC) fps or motion-JPEG video, as well as JPEG still images.

Camera used

Pelco or Axis or customer specified

Remote Access



128 bit data encryption. External Tamper Sensor and alarm

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