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Vehicle Listening Device
The Vehicle Listening Device (VLD) is a vehicle-mounted parabolic system that allows rapid situation assessments during traffic stops. A subtle exterior parabolic listening device can be focused on a stopped vehicle’s back window for a quick officer threat assessment, alerting the officers to threats or plans being made by the suspects or allows them to hear the chambering of a bullet. The deployed parab has a range of xxx feet, or a normal traffic stop distance.

The VLD can be mounted on patrol vehicles or motorcycles and will only be activated when the patrol unit is stopped with its emergency lights on. The dash- or tank-mounted control unit has 180-degree rotational controls, green-beam laser directional targeting, as well as user-controlled gain and presets. There is an output to existing vehicle video sync and speakers, providing the ability to record sight and sound, or just listen via headphones or speakers.

Like other SOS parabolic units, the VLD is weather and temperature resistant and will isolate specific, predetermined target sounds. Optional sound signatures can be added to the library of basic recognizable threat sounds, such as chambering rounds or screeching tires. For additional officer safety, VLF can be programmed to prompt a response to central command when a specific sound is detected, such as a shout for help or weapons fire.

Click here for the xxx Parabolic VE product specification sheet in PDF format.

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