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Parabolic Acoustical Listening Systems (PALS)
Parabolic Acoustical Listening SystemsSOS Parabolic Acoustical Listening Systems are an effective way to hear sounds normally undetectable or indiscernible by the human ear. The units have an extremely long range and high sensitivity over distances up to 1000 feet. The PALS also offer a market-leading sound filtering capability--you hear only what you want to hear, without traffic and other extraneous sounds. The parabolic dishes are temperature and weather resistant for use in inclement climates or under extreme conditions such as fire scenes.

The units are surprising small and portable, manufactured in a 6" or 10" dish size for easy holding and quick deployment. Overall dimensions for both units are less than a foot square. A pocket-sized filter, AmpPac® can be worn on a belt and includes volume and filter selection controls. PALS come complete with headphones, soft carrying case and a laser pointer. An optional holographic red dot sighting unit can also be added.


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