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Fiber Optic Cable Sensor
Fiber Optic Cable Sensor Intrusion detection can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including the use of cameras, sound systems, ordinary burglar alarms-or the nearly invisible SOS Fiber Optic Cable Sensor. The cable sensor can be buried directly under landscaping materials, roads, river rock, or sod. It is ideal for wet and outdoor environments, especially high potential smuggling locales such as beaches, boat ramps, or remote traffic airstrips and landing zones.

Like other SOS sensory products, the sensor uses recognition software to alert for specific intrusion triggers while screening out unwanted environmental signals caused by wind, rain, or animals. It will send a wireless transmission to a central command location. The sensor can add protection in a wide variety of situations, especially to complement security systems on public or critically sensitive buildings, large private homes, driveways, or acreage boundaries.

The fiber optic sensor can also be integrated with the Sentri II system for complete sight, sound, and touch monitoring. The Sensor, along with Sentri II, is ideal for warehouses, military encampment, and research lab perimeter protection, where a sound or breach can be recognized and then tracked by Sentri II's cameras.

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